Cripes of the Day or COTD

It's only snow

A daily feature of the blog will be the Cripes of the Day. I hope to relate said COTD to our baby or my life, but it might be a simple tirade on something seemingly small. Today, I’m taking Chicago’s weather media and the public who hang on their every breath to task. I hope to live in Chicago for a long time. Snow is part of our livelihood, folks. We need to tone down the Armageddon talk when we might get 10 inches. I know it’s dangerous. We’re aware that airplanes probably won’t fly. The wind just might cause drifting. My biggest worry is that Molly doesn’t slip and fall. And, I can’t wait for next winter to bring the baby out for some key play time in the snow.



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2 responses to “Cripes of the Day or COTD

  1. Eric Ilg

    I cant help but think of crepes, mmm. Nice blog buddy.

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