Maturity and My Brest Friend

A wise man once said, “Maturity is needed in order to be a father”. Actually, he may not have been wise and I don’t even know it was stated. Maturity probably helps in many ways, but I have to think creating a laughing moment at the expense of maturity will get us through the tough times. Enter, “My Brest Friend”. I’m sure it’s helpful but I openly chuckled at the Buy Buy Baby.




2 responses to “Maturity and My Brest Friend

  1. So excited that you are blogging! Now, if only I could get Molly on facebook, I’d feel as close as I did living together in good ol’ DG. Sending hugs to that belly of hers!

    • Good luck with Molly and FB. It’s a struggle. What’s interesting, though, is that every time I’m checking it she is looking over the shoulder to see if her sisters or friends have posted. She wants in.

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