COTD, 2.10.10

This Cripes of the Day is brought to you by my fear of having a baby girl. As a disclaimer, I fully realize that sports aren’t as important as other things of which I might be fearful. Okay, here we go. It begins with a complaint about the state of women’s sports. It appears that female opportunities in sports have come a long way. Sure, the top females in certain sporting circles have achieved tremendous success, stature and financial wealth over the past 5-10 years. But the depth of such success stories is limited to the extreme top-tier of female athletes. You don’t see the 11th woman on the bench for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever making a six-figure salary. With all of that said, the top ranked UCONN women’s hoops team is visiting DePaul tonight in Lincoln Park. Neither Chicago daily (Trib or Sun-Times) has a story listed in their online sports editions. Only has a sniff of the game mentioned and that is part of a player feature. This simply states that people aren’t that interested in women’s sports. I admit, I don’t think women’s sports are all that riveting in many cases. But when the tables are turned a bit and the possibility of a daughter enters the equation, will I become more of an advocate like Marla Hooch’s father in A League of Their Own? The opportunities are increasing and that is a good thing. But sooner or later money will take over this debate…and it will win. However, if we only have boys I think we’re in pretty good position on the sporting front. Did you see those Super Bowl TV ratings? (This is an issue with many factors not listed here such as market, sport-saturation, income, community, etc.)


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