COTD, 2.11.10

Cripes. It’s time for more cripes. After a long day of office work and women’s basketball my cripes goes out to the furlough system at UIC. Many employees must take mandatory furlough days. I fall into that category. The situation with the state budget couldn’t get much worse–but it just might in 2011. I don’t mind giving up $200 a month for the next four months to help the state balance the budget. UIC provided me an education, a scholarship, a work opportunity, the chance to meet my wife–in turn providing our expected child–and numerous friends and respected colleagues. It’s the least I can do, right? With all that said, Positive Time Reporting is also being mandated by the state. If this is confusing to you, well, you’re not alone. The HR person in our office is also pretty confused. I have one brief statement to make: Hey, State of Illinois, leave me alone. I work a lot of hours, believe me. Don’t start now being really picky about this crap. Find the employees making a ton of money who don’t earn it and let’s start there. Again, I’m willing to give back a little green to the cause. Just stop wasting our time and efforts trying to understand this archaic system of furlough and time reporting. Good day.


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