My New Toy

Even Halle Barry is rocking the City Mini (photo credit to Splash News via Baby Jogger Web Site)

Since I am not a grown-up I’ve decided that each item that we purchase or receive for our baby will be classified as a toy for me, too. Case in point: The City Mini Stroller. Molly discovered this item after some research and advice from her child-rearing experienced sister, Sarah Man-Zike-Uh. We took this bad boy for a spin a couple weeks ago at the Schaumburg Buy Buy Baby and I have to tell you that it handles even better than my little sister’s Barbie Car did. (Speaking of celebrities like Barbie, be sure to scope out the celebrities who are using City Mini strollers these days.) In addition, it has some style to it. It also retains some city durability by the looks of it. Most importantly it possesses 8″ lightweight, quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings. Lock up the women and children when sealed ball bearings are featured. For the young couple just getting started, affordability is at a premium and this product delivers. At least, I hope someone delivers it because we can’t afford it.


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