Should We Expose Our Child To NASCAR?

Well, Dale? How about you JJ? Tony Stewart, do you have any thoughts? While checking in on the Daytona 500 today I asked Molly if I could purchase our youngster a Ryan Newman (#39 U.S. Army Chevy) baby outfit or accessory? She replied with an emphatic NO. My dad was not happy with me when I told him I was attending a NASCAR event a couple of years ago at Chicagoland. He viewed NASCAR and Pro Wrestling in the same light: fake. But I enjoyed my experience. Mostly, I was impressed with the business of NASCAR and the pure joy of the fans. It was an absolute relaxing, festive and friendly environment. Sure, you see the mullets and T-Shirts destroyed by the sleeve monster, but you also have just about everything else under the sun (with the exception of diversity). When I said I was attending my first NASCAR event I was told by a wise racing fan from below the Mason-Dixon that I had to select a driver. I did a lot of research. I didn’t want to follow the leader or hop on somebody’s bandwagon. I didn’t want to become a fan of Dale Jr. just because he’s in a ton of ads or is the son of the Intimidator. I went with the only driver with a college degree. I went with a local guy. I went with Ryan Newman. So when Molly is out-of-town on business or enjoys a weekend with the girls I think I’ll have my Newman onesie ready to go just like I always have my limited edition Schlitz button down shirt that Molly allows me to wear on just one occasion each year: a NASCAR race. (Did I just type onesie?)




7 responses to “Should We Expose Our Child To NASCAR?

  1. I am with Molly on this one! NASCAR=”I picture my Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt, which says I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party…I like my Jesus to party because I like to party.” -Magic Man (This will only make sense if you have seen Talladega Nights).

  2. Nikki

    I say go for it! Especially if it is a Newman onesie. One of my best friend’s hubby is friend’s with him! When I was in their wedding my “parther” was the head of transportation for their team, he has since passed, but still I was in awe! I like your reasoning that Newman has a degree, in Engineering I believe!!!

  3. I’m not just saying this because Newman is my favorite driver either. The guy gets out there and works on his car…that’s passion there.

  4. I’ll see if I can get some tickets to chicagoland

  5. Neuman

    You have miss spelled my name. It’s NeUman, Theodore (not ryan). Shake and Bake.

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