Cripes Doubleheader

I mean, cripes. Catholic resistance to same-sex marriages and JFK cheating on his wife aren’t exactly groundbreaking news topics. But both (activists protesting at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral / JFK letters to auction) crept their way to the top of the headlines today.

At some point, our child will learn Catholic teachings and about JFK’s brilliance as the commander-in-chief. But explaining why the Catholic church won’t acknowledge these unions and why JFK is hoisted onto a pedestal despite his infidelities will be a more challenging lesson to teach.

Religions are like running shoes. First, you don’t even have to be a runner thus not needing shoes. The non-runner is an Atheist, Agnostic or Apatheist, for this discussion. That’s a choice someone may make. But many like me decided to run in Saucony shoes. Just like I prefer Saucony running shoes, I prefer Catholicism as my religion. Of course, I was brought up Catholic, but as I became a little older it was up to me to make the choice to practice. I have some Jewish friends. Let’s say they are the Adidas folks. I have some Protestant friends–Nike. I’ve met quite a few Muslim folks at my diverse work place–let’s go with Asics for them. My point is, these days Americans can select whatever shoes they want, if they want to run at all. I might believe that my Saucony kicks are created better than Nikes, have better people working for them, are more organic in their marketing and in the end allow me to run better. But I don’t head over to Niketown and spout off about it. Of course, freedom of speech reigns, but free speech doesn’t make it intelligent speech.

In conclusion, if there are those who don’t like the Catholic belief that marriage is to be between a man or a woman then those folks should find a religion they can believe in and support it. Don’t gather in front of a Catholic Church and protest. It’s silly. I can assure you that the Catholic Church isn’t promoting that belief each Sunday. And just like my Saucony shoes, which I do wish had a better lacing system, there are things I don’t like about my Catholic teachings. But I’m going to wear my Sauconys until they fail me, just like my Church. I hope our child understands running at an early age so this comparison will make sense.

Regarding JFK, letters have been released written by the former president basically confirming an affair with a Swedish woman while he was engaged and married. Soon, they will be available to purchase at auction. This probably isn’t a shock. It just seems a lot of people think JFK did no wrong, when in actuality he had some skeletons. As becomes more apparent in news stories nearly each day, power leads to cheating. I’ll probably never be the president so I’m not sure how powerful it feels. But I hope to teach that power and success don’t excuse poor decisions.

Is it ironic that he remains our nation’s sole Roman Catholic president?



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2 responses to “Cripes Doubleheader

  1. Its official that I am a regular blog stalker based on the amount of comments I leave. In the mean time I think you should tell Molly I say hello and that I miss her lots and lots! šŸ™‚ Thank you kindly!
    Can I be honest and say that I am surprised you haven’t started a blog WAYYYY before now? You have a lot to say Mr. Sullidad! All of it is good stuff though…currently you are one of the most interesting reads I have on my blog stalking list! This post did not dissapoint either. JFK was a very engaging and motivational man that had a “succesful” presidency (placed perfectly in a time in America where “little pink houses” really did exist)that ended in tragedy. That is why he is still on MSN. At this point I think he is even more of a “God like” figure because of his infidelities. We live in a weird society, you know this. Roman Catholic was seen very differently then too. Way before any church scandal. I don’t know that religion plays as big of a role in choosing our president as it once did. But I do think many were leery of President Barack Hussain Obama’s given name because of what religion that comes from. And I am rambling. Pretty sure I just contradicted myself too…conclusion…I think it is possible to have another president be Roman Catholic. šŸ™‚

    • I have passed along your well wishes to SulliMom. I love writing and I have opinions so why not combine them. The best part is the dialogue these thoughts can provoke. You are so right about how Catholics were viewed at that time. I think it is possible, too. It just seems that politics are only inclusive of certain families and factions. My guess is just like JFK was told he would ruin the ticket with his faith, that same message will be told to potential Catholic candidates. But as you highlighted, Mr. Obama overcame the connotation of his name and perceived religion to reach that office, why can’t a Catholic?

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