In a recent study hall as I perused swaddling I learned that this art is going to be very key to our happiness in the early months of being parents.

I asked a friend of mine, Adam D., how his first couple months have gone with his second child. He responded by highlighting the art of swaddling. He said that, knock on wood, his second turn rearing an infant has been a lot better as far as sleep goes because of consistent swaddling.

With their first child they kind of gave up on it because it didn’t seem like the baby liked it. But this time around they have been more consistent and stuck with it and the results have provided more ease through the nighttime hours.




3 responses to “Swaddlefest

  1. Listen to your friend or anyone else giving you this unsolicited advice. I would tune most everything else out though…just saying it can be a wee bit overwhelming. 🙂 But swaddling=happy SLEEPY baby! We loved the “SwaddleMe’s” as it kind of makes it easy with velcrow and easy to use flaps. 🙂

  2. Velcro…I love velcro. Thanks.

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