So Damn Lucky

I hope I can be as much fun and empathetic as Gil Buckman in Parenthood when Im a dad

When I read this story I began to feel really fortunate for the home I had growing up. The article explains why some people mature without empathy. It made me think of the Some Devil track from Dave Matthews, “So Damn Lucky”, which is a really catchy tune.

If a young one grew up without a decent level of self-esteem it may be more difficult for that child to develop the reflex to aid someone in peril, for example. I am pretty confident SulliMom was provided a supportive and self-esteem-building environment as I was from my parents. Between the two of us, we think we are pretty awesome. Self-esteem rarely becomes an issue in our household. It appears that bodes well for the child, as long as we temper it with some discipline every so often…along with reading our child “P.J. the Spoiled Bunny”.

Each time I read something new that might fall into the “How to be a parent” department I feel a little overwhelmed. But I take a deep breath and remember how lucky I am to have my mom and Molly’s parents around to help. Plus, I can draw on the examples my dad left in my memory bank, too.

I mean they did a great job raising us; we’re freakin’ awesome!

RANDOM THOUGHT: I also felt very lucky to Skype with my hilarious, chatty and very cute niece, Tess, and my guy Randy’s new little man, Carter, on his four-week birthday.


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