I’m Puzzled

I’m not a huge puzzle guy. Sudoku is way too hard for me, or my patience is just terrible. SulliMom just humiliates me at Tetris. I wasn’t too quick to answer the “Train A, which weighs 200 tons, is traveling 40 MPH while Train B, which weighs 400 tons is traveling 80 MPH, which arrives at a station 100 miles away first” queries. (I haven’t figured that out yet)

But I have found this particular puzzle blog very clever.

It is absolutely stunning how many insightful, unique and entertaining writers are present in the world of blogs. There are days when I’ll putter through the Sun-Times or Trib and think to myself This is News? This is interesting? You’ll be sure to find really good stuff at Technorati’s Top 100 list.

One puzzle game I have enjoyed is the free iPhone app UnBlock Me.


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