Own the Podium My A**

One thing I look forward to sharing with our children is patriotism for our country. I was lucky enough to attend the 1996 summer games in Atlanta and it was an unbelievable experience. Of course, I do firmly believe we live in the best country in the world. I really enjoy beating countries at their own games. Because it sure doesn’t feel good when it happens to us. See 2004 Olympics, Men’s Basketball.

SulliMom and I just completed watching the US hockey team’s win over Canada in preliminary round action in Vancouver. You can tell by watching Team Canada that the weight of their country rests solely on their collective shoulders. The Canadian brass boldly came out with a theme titled “Own the Podium”. They may have purchased the podiums used for this Olympiad, but unless each Canadian olympian begins scoring short-handed (hockey-term) medals, the podiums will be owned by the Americans and Germans once again.

I hope the Canadian hockey team can regroup and get back to the gold medal game. I have a feeling they will turn it on.

I do have one piece of advice to the folks coordinating the music selections inside the hockey venue: stop playing American rock anthems. I mean, really? I know Canada isn’t dripping with heart thumping music professionals, but Bruce Springsteen? Guns ‘N Roses? Bon Jovi? That plays a huge role, I’m telling you.

Here are a few Canadian musicians/groups I would insert into the playlist:

Bryan Adams
Skid Row (Sebastian Bach is from Ontario)
Barenaked Ladies

Current Medal Count


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