The Breast Whisperer (Not my title, just took it from the NY Times)

I’ve learned a ton through SulliMom’s pregnancy.

Much of it I’ve learned through weekly e-mail blasts Molly receives from such respected organizations like Parenting Magazine and WebMD. For example, in the Week 32 (holy pack ‘n play, only eight more weeks) e-mail I perused this morning I learned about colostrum — a yellowish fluid that precedes milk production — leaking from an expectant mother’s breasts. Lovely stuff.

What a natural segue into the NY Times story I read about the so-called Breast Whisperer. I have heard about lactation consultants. But a Breast Whisperer? There are 20,000 lactation consultants in the United States. Plus, they make pretty good coin. And they get to look at, pardon my english, boobies (it was funny when I tried to find a G-rated link to include here), all day long!

This, in all honesty, is no laughing matter. Despite my lack of maturity I can see why the profiled lactation consultant is so heralded–she makes mothers feel comfortable while engaging in the crucial exercise of baby nutrition. I commend Freda Rosenfeld on her exploits.

Plus, she is a Law and Order fan. (Duh, Duh…duh, duh, duh, duh, duh…)

More fun stuff from the article, as I return to my less mature ways…There is a nursing supply store in NY called Upper Breast Side–classic. Did you know there was a group formed to promote the benefits of natural breast-feeding vs. formula called La Leche League? Priceless.


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