Games Groupie

Are you watching the winter Olympics from Vancouver?

Are you watching more or less Olympic action this time around compared to previous winter games?

For some reason, I am watching a ton of these Olympic games. I’m not the only one. It was reported that last Wednesday, 29.4 million viewers on average watched that evening’s events. That was up 47 percent from the same night in Torino four years ago. Coming into the games I didn’t plan on watching a whole lot. My feeling always has been that winter Olympics are less interesting because they feature sports in which I’ve never competed.

But 2010 is different. I like how NBC is covering the games–with the exception of televising Ice Dancing on the mother station in place of Ice Hockey. I do get it, but come on. We are watching the USA Today of television–quick bursts of exciting sports, even if they aren’t live. In addition, Bob Costas and Al Michaels are pros. I’ve also enjoyed almost all of the commentators, too. Maybe it’s because I’m learning as I’m listening instead of feeling like I know everything like when I listen to basketball or baseball commentators.

Here are some cool insights from people with many diplomas.

SulliMom and I chatted about in what winter Olympic sports we would enjoy our children participate. The consensus was hockey. Dangerous? Yes. Lots of travel? Yes. Costly? Yes. I think we decided it was a game of honor, however. The players, despite the fighting involved, have a great respect for the game, engage in sportsmanlike activity and generally represent the sport well.

I begin skating lessons next Tuesday and all donations are accepted.


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  1. Nikki

    The Zolotar household would totally agree with the playing of hockey!!!

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