Rapid Fire Posting On a Busy Day

I have a mustache going today. It is terribly awesome.

There is a mustache contest at the UIC-Green Bay game tonight.

I will see Brian Lown.

We bought a condo yesterday.

We wrote a large check.

We have keys to the new place. They came with “Pool Passes” for the complex pool. I can’t wait to show my pastiness and harriness to the new neighbors.

I am thrilled about all of that.

Some of the important life events over the last 425 days: Engaged, check. My Dad moving to heaven, check. Married, check. Honeymoon in Ireland, check. Conception, check. Home purchase, check. Next up: Moving and SulliChild’s arrival.


I’m very lucky to have SulliMom.


I hope UIC’s Positive Time Reporting staff looks at our hours this week and decides that was a bad idea.

Swimming & Diving is fun to announce.

Sulli-Sister-in-Law, Emily, posted my ‘Stache on Facebook. People all over the world now will enjoy the distinguished nature of my lip wig.

SulliMom despises it and I chuckle. (It will be gone tomorrow)

Congrats to colleague Jon Butler and his wife. I look forward to sharing fatherly stories together.

Go Flames.




5 responses to “Rapid Fire Posting On a Busy Day

  1. CONGRATS on becoming homeowners (that place looks amazing)!! Pool passes are what cool 30 somethings have. 🙂 TGIF!

  2. Congrats on the condo!!! And also so glad to hear you’ve joined the “Mustache Brigade” as John and I have coined it. Would love to see pictures!

  3. Agreeing with Michelle–thrilled you guys got the condo you wanted! Now Molly can use the pregnancy as an excuse not to do any heavy lifting, painting, unpacking, furniture assembly, etc. Love that for her.

  4. Dan

    I’ll bring the sunscreen if you bring the fruity drinks with tropical umbrellas.

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