The Hiatus

I have missed blogging over the past few days.

But the good news: I have plenty to write about now.

SulliParents have now moved 63 yards to our new condo. Friday, thanks to the help of SulliMom’s folks and sister, Emily, we painted almost every inch of our new place. It was a challenge–but they really came up big and it looks really nice.

Saturday, we welcomed the assistance of our good friends Jim, Reno, Yopper, Nate, Emily, Theodore–Pat and Joan, of course–and several dollies for our 63 yard move.

Here’s a link to a very amateur video of our new place.




5 responses to “The Hiatus

  1. LOVE your new place! Its beautiful! The tour was awesome…especially the dramatic ending! HA! 🙂

  2. steph

    i like that sullimom is paying absolutely no attention to you and your touring antics.

  3. Yopper

    SulliMove was a great success. Nothing like a High Life at 9 a.m. to get things going.

  4. Nikki

    Will this video be nominated for an Academy Award next year????

  5. Aunt Julie

    Congrats Sulliparents on the successful move! Loved the tour – I feel like I’ve been there! So let the “nesting” begin!! Love you guys!

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