The Reality Is Setting In

There are a ton of infants in my life. I like to think I’m good with young children.

There is Tess, our god-daughter, who belongs to SulliSister-In-Law Sarah and SulliBrother-In-Law Tom. My cousin Ali and her guy Neil have Keegan. My cousin Erin and her husband Paul have Ryan. My cousin Andrea and her fella Brian have Vivien. My good friend DJ and his wife Danica have Kellen, while my friend Katie and her husband Jon have Mia. I haven’t met Carter, aka Moosh Jr., yet in NC. He’s of the Randy and Meredith family tree. Joseph belongs to Coach Phillips and Allison. I can remember holding my little sister Kelly when she was tiny. Am I missing anyone?

However, in all those instances the responsibility didn’t fall on me ultimately.

Enter a nursery with a crib, with a closet with little clothes inside and the reality that our own little human is nearing arrival begins to set in.

Walking through the hospital for the birthing class causes a reality check.

Watching SulliMom’s belly grow and then seeing alien-like movements from the baby’s hands and feet pressing against her body makes me realize that the warm-up is nearly over. Game time is rapidly approaching.

Thankfully, I’ve been brushing up on last week’s topics from class: The Four P’s.



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  1. Please tell me that you and Sullimom watch “The Office.” If not, watch this

    You guys are gonna be great parents! šŸ™‚

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