The State Of Our State; What It Means For Us

What a sad predicament in which the Land of Lincoln finds itself.

I like the term debacle.

This recent USA Today story states that Illinois had just 54% of the future pensions funds it needs. That is the lowest among all states.

I don’t pretend to be intelligent enough to provide a solution. And, I did vote for some of our state leaders who have helped lead us into this mess so maybe you can place some blame on me, the voter.

But, what a true debacle.

It appears to me that politicians continuously pass problems over to the next administration, causing deficits to climb, pension funds to be zapped, tuitions to rise, furloughs to be taken, and on and on we go.

Gov. Quinn proposed a massive tax hike today, which is somewhat understandable. Nobody likes taxes. They aren’t popular. But, might it help SulliMom and I not be required to take furlough days? Then I’m in.

Most importantly, how will that 54% number come into play with our family down the road? That, coupled with Social Security issues at hand, how are people going to retire when they are living longer?

Scary stuff.

Luckily, I have DMB news to make me forget about our state’s financial woes.

LASTLY: Congrats to SulliMom’s Butler Bulldogs for winning the HL Tourney last night. I wish I could say my alma mater was dancing, too. Sadly we’re simply looking forward to a UIUC grad talk at our postseason banquet.


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