Just Breathe

SulliMom - Not sure if she is amused or aggravated that I pulled out my phone to snap this photo.

Lotion, lifesaver and massage tools, Oh My!

The Passenger is lying on the table near the pelvis

Oh boy. Or girl.

Birthing class #2 took place last night and it was a blooper reel.

As I waltzed in carrying pillows, SulliMom had the blanket in tow. We walked in and immediately saw lotion and massage toys on each table. For a moment I thought we walked into the wrong place, but in fact we were in the right location–Advocate Illinois Masonic in Lakeview.

After a very realistic video on childbirth, it was time to dim the lights, spread out the blanket and get to breathing…exercises. If you know SulliParents you can imagine what a debacle this became.

We did try to be serious, but once the instructor told us to look deeply into each other’s eyes, that was it. From then on out, it was chuckle-fest. It didn’t help that a fellow “birth supporter” just a few feet from me was featuring some impressive plumber crack. (you have to check out that link)

And, you know, I want to take it seriously. I want to be able to aid SulliMom through this process. But I can’t learn these intimate techniques with a bunch of strangers all up in my grill. They all seem very nice, but give me some NetFlix on this stuff and we’ll take it from there.




2 responses to “Just Breathe

  1. molly

    This is hilarious, Shawn. But don’t act like you don’t like plumbers crack! Come on out Sullibaby!

  2. I LOVE that Sullimom posted a comment! Anyway…that link to the plumbers crack was priceless. WOW!

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