SulliBelly at 33ish Weeks

Profile view of SulliMom. That is not a real human behind her. Just a cutout of former UIC great Josh Mayo.

SulliMom makes for a very beautiful pregnant chick. This shot is from today in my office. As you can see, it’s a pretty slow day. Many folks are playing a little game I like to call Furloughpoly. (fur-lop-uh-LEE)




4 responses to “SulliBelly at 33ish Weeks

  1. Oh Mols you look so great!!!!!!!!!! So glad that you got sullidad to post a pic 🙂

  2. Yopper

    It’s the law, Richard.

  3. Sullimom looks fantabulous! I hope she is feeling well too! Only a few more weeks to go!

  4. Vero

    Congrats guys!!! This is so exciting 🙂 And Molly you look so great!

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