Diapers? We Don’t Need No Stinking Diapers!

I’ve always associated infants with diapers.

I’ve never even entertained the thought of not using diapers. Of course, the concept of cloth diapers is a valiant one, but not exactly feasible in many cases.

But diaper free from the get go?

That is a growing trend among parents looking to save some serious cash while sparing Mother Nature of some of the reported 3.4 million tons of diapers dumped into landfills annually.

I think it’s pretty tough to think we could do that with SulliChild as rookie parents. But after reading up on how parents are going about diaper elimination I admit I’m intrigued for future kin. It sounds like a great challenge, while doing some good, saving money and, potentially, aiding in the child’s digestion development.

Chicagoparent.com highlights the trend and diaperfreebaby.org defends it. After defending it, they try to sell it in their online store. I enjoy the BabyBjorn little potty. This method also can be referred to as Elimination Communication, Infant Potty Training, Natural Infant Hygiene and my favorite Potty Whispering.

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3 responses to “Diapers? We Don’t Need No Stinking Diapers!

  1. Hi there,

    Actually, most parents use diapers part time, and it’s still good for the planet. In our modern society, it would be rough to be completely diaperless all the time. We offer the potty at likely times and when babies/kids signal their needs. In this way parents can at first gradually and eventually greatly reduce diaper use.

    We used infant potty training with our third child and much preferred it to traditional delayed toilet training. We finished sooner and needed fewer diapers. And now 30 years later, our grandchild is using it too!

    Here are some resources for further info:

    Book: “Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living”
    DVD “Potty Whispering”


  2. Thanks for the information, Laurie!

  3. I will consider you and Sullimom royalty if you can accomplish this goal. I will bow every time I see you even. I would say stick with diapers…but that is just coming from another rookie parent. There is a whole lot of other change a comin…I think you should make some things no brainers (meaning in your sleepless state you can just grab a Pampers to cover Sullibaby’s bum and not think twice about it). 🙂 Just my opinoin!

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