Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included–great flick by the way.

I really enjoy hearing the random advice given by people/couples with children to me, the rookie.

It’s really the only time I’ve ever wanted advice. I mean, I know everything else, so there’s no need for advice, right? Duh.

Anyway, my friend Alicia from the UIAA stopped by the FAC with her husband and seven-month-old today. She is quite cute. (I’m not sure if I should use names anymore—lots of news about internet safety. Reet, reet, reet!! By the way, potential burglars, between 9-5 we’re at work so feel free to break-in. Although, burglars, sometimes I run home for a private moment of Numero Dos, so beware. I mean, they say by posting where you are on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, this could cause crime. If the bad guys don’t know most people work during the day, they are in deep fesces. But I understand that more intelligent predators can take advantage of such information. So be careful out there kids!)

Okay, back to the story…The parents provided a great tip for me today: Visit and purchase a ton of batteries and a charging unit. It seems pretty obvious, but I haven’t thought of those as key things we need. But it makes a ton of sense. They explained for all of the bouncie-deals, moving chairs, etc. we will burn through batteries like diapers (if we use them—HA).

Thank you Sines Family.

Who else has some solid random tips? And, I get it: sleep now before the baby comes. Cripes.




2 responses to “Batteries Not Included

  1. Alicia

    LOL! This made my day! That was the best advice we got when we were expecting so I’m glad we were able to pass it on. We saved SOOOO much money! You and Molly are going to be such wonderful parents! Can’t wait!

  2. Read ahead….I remember sitting in our child birth basics class and someone referenced something they read in their “First Year” book and Jeremy and I just looked at each other in shock, not realizing we needed to work beyond the labor and delivery books 🙂 There will be little to no time for books post-delivery, so read up now (or tap the market for baby book cliff notes).

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