Ferris Who?

I haven’t performed Twist and Shout during a parade, attended a Cubs game, dined at a fancy French bistro or impersonated Sgt. Peterson–Chicago PD, today like Ferris Bueller once did, but it has been a nice little day off.

I’ve celebrated another furlough day by running, watching some exciting NCAA Tourney hoops, visiting Home Depot (not enough time for Bed, Bath and Beyond), mailing in the tax return, purchasing some meat from Whole Foods, cleaning SulliHome and picking up some Irish alcohol during a pleasant pre-Spring day.

And that trip for brew is what brought a hint of sourness.

As I prowled the aisles of Binny’s Beverage Depot I was baffled by the lack of Beamish. I asked the beer expert on staff and she informed me that Heineken, who now owns Beamish, ceased exporting the thick, creamy, Irish draught. This saddened me. Sympathy e-mails/posts are now being accepted.

So, Murphy’s and Jameson will have to do. But please keep your eyes peeled for Beamish at your local liquor dealer.

In conclusion, I could get used to this not working deal. I may have to be a stay-at-home dad. I’m not surmising that staying at home with SulliChild would be simple. I’m just saying I’ve enjoyed the freedom of doing what I want today. It provides more motivation to create a business that allows that freedom.

Happy Bracketing!


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