Grill and UIC Opening Day

Last night, I took the new Weber out for a spin.

She handles with precision and grace. Most importantly she heated up well, provided a non-stick surface and churned out some tasty burgers and dogs. Thank you Aunts and Uncles! But, I will never forget my Char-Broil courtesy of JBA. It lives on with Reno.

The meat was from Whole Foods and the hot dogs were Bobak’s so that helped.

Today, SulliChild, via SulliMom, sat through his/her first extra inning baseball game. It was opening day at The Mill. I do the PA announcing at the games. I wonder if the baby can detect my announcer voice… We went through all four seasons during the 3 hours and 29 minutes of baseball. The Flames dropped the opener, but we did see 11 homers on the day.

FYI, I will be announcing the birth of our child. Complete voiceover files of the call will be on sale 48 hours following the birth. Call 1-800-BIRTH-PA.


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