No Labor Despite Tension Inducing Hoops

SulliMom utilized cleansing breathing exercises to survive Butler's win.

It was a typical Round of 32 match-up in the NCAA Tournament between Butler and Murray State providing some tense moments for SulliMom before the Bulldogs moved a step closer to playing in a hometown Final Four in two weeks.

I’ve described the action for our friends. Enjoy.




3 responses to “No Labor Despite Tension Inducing Hoops

  1. EY

    Molly’s good, because I almost went into labor after that rollercoaster.

  2. P-Daddy and I were practicing breathing exercises ourselves…and well he has never been prego (that we know of) and I never even went into labor with Mr. JD! 🙂 This post was awesome!! GO BULLDOGS!!

    • That’s awesome. I matched Molly’s breathing exercise moments with Bud Light’s. Needless to say I was the loudest one at the local Boston bar by the end of the game.

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