Panera Bread Musings

Flames baseball snowed out today so a little field trip to Panera was in order.

As I sit here with SulliMom as she reads Chicago Mag I will go around the restaurant and summarize what I think is going on at each table. This will be fun…mostly, for me.

At 11 o’clock, bald guy with a Dell. Dude, it’s a Dell. He has the headphones on so I’m going to say he his watching a rerun of The Office.

To my immediate right, a daughter and mother sipping coffee and downing danishes. Definitely Italian. I’m eavesdropping…hold, hold, steady (Braveheart reference)…got it. They are discussing local garbage disposal options. Nice.

Across the way, a lovely couple who haven’t spoken a word to each other. And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes, you can enjoy your loved one’s company and not speak. (That rarely happens with SulliMom-she likes to chatter, which is fine by me)

Next up we have a mom and her young daughter who are discussing their 11 o’clock swimming lesson. Awesome.

And this was strange, JD Jones, a Field Manager for CLEAR mobile internet just interrupted by blogging to hand me his card in the middle of the restaurant. His number is 773-655-0360 or Feel free to pester him because he just pestered me.

Now entering our seating area, two female pals really giddy about this coffee time they are about to share. One of them sporting a Purdue sweatshirt in preparation for tomorrow’s NCAA second round tilt after the Boilers’ win over Siena yesterday.

Okay, enough judging. Onto the rest of the day, including watching Molly’s BU team take on Murray State. For my sake, Go Bulldogs.


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