Basketball Or Birth?

That is the question for Thursday evening.

The NCAA men’s basketball Sweet 16 gets underway just a few days from now, including an intriguing clash between Syracuse and Butler from Salt Lake City March 25.

Also tipping off is the fourth and final birth prep class. Now, we may have accidentally missed the class last Thursday as basketball and burgers reared their ferocious and tasty heads.

What to do this week…




5 responses to “Basketball Or Birth?

  1. Emily

    Birthing class/births can happen as often as you and Molly want them to but Butler can only make it to the sweet sixteen once a year, if that!

  2. Yopper

    I think you SulliMom should skip class and be locked in a room with D.J. Levinson to watch the game. SulliDad should attend because his buddy the plumber misses him!

  3. Sarah

    Birth will happen no matter how many classes you attend. Skip it and watch the game!

  4. All feedback has been taken into consideration. We will sleep on it and fax all of you. Or, just make a last second decision.

  5. Kati

    Skip it! We aren’t learning as much as we thought, so I’m guessing you aren’t either. Just google childbirth… 🙂

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