COTD, Health Care

It has been a long time since I posted a Cripes of the Day but today provided a Cripes moment.

Apparently, I underestimated the historic nature of the soon-to-be signed health care legislation.

As I perused news stories to try and wrap my arms around what this means to us, I’ve come across some heated posts/replies/discussions on Facebook, message boards and newspaper sites. Wow, this is a polarizing issue!

I tried to find the answer to, “What does this mean to SulliChild?”

I haven’t fully discovered that answer yet but as today comes to an end, CRIPES, let’s all take a collective breath and see what happens.

As I see it, until a situation arises when the new bill might aid you than there may not be a reason to be a proponent or opponent. Each American is living in a different situation providing all different types of needs when it comes to health care. I do think it is important to realize that this is an insurance overhaul not a health care fix. But our country is spending a lot of money right now. Time will tell if it is correct or not.

As we haggle over our new right/demand to possess health insurance, I thought about a meeting I had today about a place that doesn’t simply need health care. It needs a doctor, for starters. It makes our little debate seem like peanuts.

Tanzanian villages without running water, paltry educational systems and child prostitution are some of the issues that plague this African nation. One place where a difference is being made with the leadership of some great people, including our friends the Furner’s, is just outside of Karatu–The Kibaoni Primary School. Check out the Kibaoni Project’s Web site and then get pissed about the country we live in, the “dictator” in charge and all those politicians we have the privilege of voting into office.

I like it that we can voice our opinions freely. But, cripes, we live in a pretty good place.

Let’s keep an eye on this health care stuff because it’s important. Post any good articles as replies please.


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