Ah, The Push Gift

As a disclaimer before I tip-toe into this hornet’s nest, SulliMom has not once pressured or expected a Push Gift from SulliDad.

If you are one of the humans like me who had never heard of this term before about 17 months ago, Push Gift, let me enlighten you here. In summary, a man (typically a husband) provides a gift to an expectant mother (typically the wife) as a sign of gratitude for what they are about to go through in labor.

There’s no question a Push Gift will be purchased it just may not be gargantuan. We actually chatted about our new place as a pretty good push gift. I think it’s a nice little concept. I am so impressed with Molly and how she has handled this process of having a tire attached to her belly that it’s really the least I can do.

I can’t say that’s always been the case.

At first, I actually thought it was a joke. And in some ways, I’m sure it can turn into one…just like it’s about to right here.

Vote early and often.




5 responses to “Ah, The Push Gift

  1. Yopper

    I’d add a St. Viator class ring to the gift list.

    • Jeff E. Lewis

      What about a hoodie from Palatine Fremd? Or a microphone flag from the 2005 Horizon League Volleyball Championships? Either would be a great job, guy!

      Jeff E. Lewis
      Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago at Illinois

  2. Sarah

    Just know that I got a Rush Championship for my “push gift”!!

  3. I am pulling for McDonalds gift cards Sullimom!! Lots of (the world’s greatest fuzzy pop) diet coke’s will be needed soon!! I didn’t know it was called a “push gift” nor did I expect one, but I got one and its pretty. 🙂

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