As The Weather Turns…Poop – Awesome

The Awesome series continues below, but leading off today: How ’bout that weather?

Earlier today, SulliParents set a fine example for our child as we visited the dentist. Not just any dentist, but the best dentist in Chicago, Dr. Melissa Daza. The office is great and all of the employees are pretty kick tail.

I won, as I have two cavities to Molly’s zero.

On our way to my old stomping grounds of Wicker Park the windows were down (well, the one functioning window in the sweet Liberty), shades were sported and Miley was playing. Then, a Jay-Z song was on when Molly started getting butterflies! Then a Britney song!

It made me ponder, What is the first thing I would do with our baby outside? So, here are five things I want to do with SulliChild in the stroller around town on a nice day like today.

– Bypass Mario’s and visit my friends at Carm’s for Italian Ice. Mario’s is a must-visit, but I prefer Carm’s.
– Visit a Park. Most likely Miller Park–not where the Brewers play. A nice quiet plot of land near Taylor and Miller in Little Italy.
– Stop by the Flames Athletic Center so colleagues and Flames can say hello.
– Walk around Bucktown and stop by the T-Shirt Deli and purchase some baby-wear.
– Kick it hard core at Caribou/Jamba Juice a Maxwell & Halsted. Why not?

Back to awesomeness. I’ve been checking out our Diaper Genie–a must have I’m told by many veteran parents. The simplicity is its beauty. I just did a walk-thru with a faux diaper and it works great. We’ll see how the odor defense is once the regular season starts. It was passed on to us by Molly’s cousin Brigid and her guy John, the proud parents of Olivia. (Thanks guys) Who knew that Playtex would create such a lovely item. I thought they only did over the shoulder boulder holders. (Note: Don’t Google Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder. It’s not PG) But they are diverse in offerings, I see.


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