Butler’s Business

As I was taking in the National Semifinal Saturday from my cozy seat inside the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium which had a face value of $200, slightly less than I paid, I couldn’t help but ponder the $$ behind this Final Four run.

From how much it costs to build a custom floor, to the branded banners, to LED ribbons, scorer’s table, graphics for those boards, video production, concession sales, parking revenue, merchandise sales, etc. And, how much will Butler reap from this run?

A few outlets have covered the business side, including my favorite sports business reporter Darren Rovell. It will be really amazing to see what the final numbers are for sold licensed Butler merchandise. Rovell reports it could jump from $40,000 two years ago to a half million dollars when the final tallies are made.

Check out his report on more numbers about the run.

What does this have to do with our child? Not a lot, but after this run SulliMom will probably be able to find Butler merchandise in Chicagoland retail outlets more often. I’ve been trying to get UIC merchandise in more retail spots, but it’s not easy. Having Jim Nantz announce your last two games helps. It wouldn’t shock me if it was being sold in the UIC Bookstore like U of I Rose Bowl T-Shirts were a couple years back.


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