DEFCON 1 & Awesome Boppy

After another exciting encounter with Vagina Doctor #37, SulliMom was informed she has reached the one centimeter mark in dilation after some gentle investigation which I witnessed first hand…pretty interesting.

She’s 37 weeks now and has been feeling a few braxton hicks contractions. So we’re on our way toward birth…not Indy for the championship tilt. This was a little disappointing for SulliMom but she is managing. (After nailing the national semifinal predictions, here is the SulliPrediction for the title game: Butler 51, Duke 46.)

To celebrate the one centimeter point we traveled to Buy Buy Baby to pick-up a few items. One of those items was the Boppy which is pretty awesome. I have experience using the Boppy with our niece Tess. The Man-Zike-Uhs (Sarah and Tom Mazeika) have one and it was pretty sweet. It allows you to hold the little one with a little more comfort giving your arms a comfortable rest. I can see myself Boppying quite often.

We’ve had a huge past few days to recap. More to come. Until then, it’s Oberweis time. I need to make-up my chocolate intake after about 40 days without for Lent and to celebrate the White Sox and Mark Buehrle‘s Opening Day shutout. Check out his amazing between the legs, backhand play to get an out.


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