SulliDad Featured On ChicagoNow Blogroll

Wee Windy City is an informative look at events & happenings for kids and families in the best city in the world.

The author, Caitlin, also has her own personal blog which is great as well. She was kind enough to add SulliDad Chicago to her list of Chicago parenting sites on Wee Windy City.

So check her out; she has a preview of the Harlem Globetrotters coming to the United Center…and a coupon code!

I recall my parents taking me to see the Globetrotters at the Rosemont Horizon when I was little. That Halloween, I went as a Harlem Globetrotter despite hailing from Kankakee, not Harlem.

Little did I know then I would spend a fair amount of time in and around Harlem when SulliMom lived in Morningside Heights, (she lived on that street) which bordered Harlem, while she was working at Fordham.

I miss traveling there, but I’m pretty happy I don’t live several states away from SulliMom anymore.


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