The Rush Is Back And Smells Like Bacon

The title of this post will begin to make sense momentarily.

First, in less than 24 hours on Friday night around 7 PM the Chicago Rush Arena Football team returns to play at home after about two years on the sidelines. I will be handling the public address announcing at Allstate Arena. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s really an awesome game, atmosphere and product. It will be good to get back in the saddle.

SulliMom is on the fence as to whether she will attend. I think if SulliBaby hears his/her father at that elevated decibel level he/she will undoubtedly decide to depart the flesh house. To get a feel for the Rush pre-game show, here’s a clip from a 2007 contest. You’ll hear me after about a minute.

I have a couple extra tickets so contact me if you’re interested.

Speaking of pigskin, I heard that baby formula now comes in a bacon flavor. I really enjoy bacon–who doesn’t? But in formula? That can’t be good.

I know blogs cover just about everything, but check this one out: BaconSalt.

Big fan.


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