The Gentle Giraffe Stands Tall

SulliBaby's cradle ready for sleep activation. To help, the Gentle Giraffe is poised to play a role.

As the days go by, preparation for the arrival of SulliBaby increases in earnest.

SulliMom has completed most of the laundry with the specific baby-friendly detergent. Cradle is complete (see photo). Crib is prepped with mobile. Hospital bag is packed and ready in the back of the SuLiberty.

And I am breezing through The Happiest Baby on the Block. Great read so far; I’m learning stuff. I’ll provide a full review upon completion.

Along the same lines as the book–calming a fussy baby–is a product that seems pretty awesome upon first interaction.

Enter the Gentle Giraffe by Cloud B.

It was one of a bevy of Tsunami gifts we received–I’ll have to check on the benefactor.

I’m learning that keeping the newborn’s environment as similar to SulliMom’s internal condo will be key. The giraffe provides some soothing sounds, including static white noise that replicates what it sounds like in the womb, a faux heartbeat intended to duplicate Molly’s heartbeat and safari sounds. I did a little test run and nearly returned to my old pacifier. We’ll see how it works in the regular season soon.

Off to Vagina Doctor in a bit. In addition, it appears we’re picking up our official wedding photos today.

I was worried the baby would arrive before wedding photos. Can you say, IRISH-CATHOLIC?



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3 responses to “The Gentle Giraffe Stands Tall

  1. I just happened to find your blog today…WOW, you are prepared! I’m always so happy when parents read about this stuff BEFORE they have the baby, while they still have some brain cells left 😉

  2. Holly–thanks for the comment. Prepared? I don’t feel prepared, but I can’t wait. I also can’t wait to navigate around your site a little more. It looks, well, awesome!

  3. Meri

    We have the same giraffe and are big fans of the happiest baby on the block book. pay very close attention to the 5 Ss. They have saved us many many times & I am sure Randy will agree with me. We still use the giraffe nightly on the heartbeat sound…Let us know if yall need ANYTHING!! We are thinking about yall!

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