Lazy Sunday & Car Seat Install

It’s the Chronic (WHAT!) les of Narnia…

I enjoy this SNL digital short. I realized a dream when we visited Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

Later today, we’ll embark upon the installation of the Graco car seat deal into the trail rated SuLiberty. I imagine this to provide another reality check for us. The Graco Snugride appears to possess some awesomeness. I’m also picking up a few Clif Bars for the hospital bag to keep me nourished during SulliLabor.

I mean, it’s not like they offer expectant dads epidurals. Cripes.



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4 responses to “Lazy Sunday & Car Seat Install

  1. Shawn–I’m sure your hospital will have the stocked pantry available to “immediate family only”. Ours had warm Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and I’m pretty sure as I delivered and began to lose the 60 lbs I’d gained during the pregnancy, Jeremy put on 15 during the 2 weeks we spent in the hospital….

  2. Stockyard John

    That is one of the greatest SNL productions of all-time. I remember it fondly because of all the times it was viewed in Suite 237A while sharing an office with SulliDad. But also because it was so darn funny.

    Since you got most of your sleep now because of all the advice that was given to you about doing such, will SulliDad join the coffee-drinking ranks to stay awake? If so, you may want to pick up some Starbucks VIA for the bag. But you’ve lasted this long without the dreaded Juan Valdez controlling your sleeping patterns, so perhaps some 5-Hour Energy would be best.

    • Stockyard John-those were the days. I don’t think I’ll fall into a coffee addiction. Remember when I used to drink the organic energy drink? I think it was produced by Staez. I may go back to that.

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