Will I Take My Son/Daughter To Work?

As the 26 Days of Awesome countdown hits two, an awesome and humorous argument is confronted in this Trib story.

Select school districts are threatening, er kindly suggesting, that parents do not take their kids out of school for the tradition now known as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Students will be held responsible for what they miss and will be marked absent.

Okay, sounds good school districts. Way to make this a big deal. For nearly 20 years this tradition has been taking place. I think we’d all agree that school is important, but real life experience always means more in the educational experience whether a child is four or 22.

I have to think, as I look into my parental crystal ball, that if my first-grader is doing well in school and can stand to miss a few hours I’ll take he/she to work. But I’d like to think if I know little SulliSix-Year-Old is struggling in reading I’ll skip the Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Dear School Districts: Please stop down from your high horse. But, maybe my thinking isn’t in the majority.

Here’s another look at the holiday from a NY Times blog.



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2 responses to “Will I Take My Son/Daughter To Work?

  1. Nikki

    I’m a supporter as long as it is a program in which the kids truly learn about what happens. I’ve had students who have attended their parents work for the Holiday, and come back with lots of exciting things to tell us. I know Office Max does a program. I believe one summer I participated in this at my Dad’s work and we learned what happens in the different departments. In the past, I had my kiddos right a little journal entry about it and present to the class.
    In the fields you and SulliMom are in, I think it would be a great event for your child to attend. My mom, not so much, since she works from home ha ha!

  2. steph

    Future jarvis child will be missing school for this among other things. Jarvis mom will tell the principals and teachers to kindly f- off if they object. I am sure missing a day of 3rd grade math will be highly traumatic to his/her educational growth but I missed at least a week of school most years during my school days and I think I turned out ok. (although sullimom may argue with that last part!)

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