One Day Left, No. One Draft Picks

With one day left in the 26 Days of Awesome and to celebrate tomorrow being SulliMom’s due date, I thought it would be fun to ponder naming our child after one of the Chicago Bears‘ first round draft picks throughout history. This, on a night when the Bears did not have a first round draft choice and Tim Tebow goes before Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy.

This is all assuming SulliBaby is a boy. We have no idea if it is a boy.

Here are some of the potential names based on Bear first round draft picks as told by This partial list below also provides a decent amount of depression when thinking about the production of some of these players. But the full list also features no less than 20 All-Pros and at least six Hall of Famers (I think, just by sight). Some quick thoughts on this list:

-Three derivatives of Walter (Walter Payton, Walt Harris & Wally Chambers)
SulliMom would prefer Chicago’s 1940 pick, Bulldog Turner, to go along with Butler.
-My Top Five (Cade, Stan, Otis, Lionel, Rufus)

Chris (Williams)
Greg (Olsen)
Cedric (Benson)
Tommie (Harris)
Michael (Haynes)
Rex (Grossman)
Marc (Colombo)
David (Terrell)
Brian (Urlacher)
Cade (McNown)
Curtis (Enis)
Walt (Harris)
Rashaan (Salaam)
John (Thierry)
Alonzo (Spellman)
Stan (Thomas)
Donnell (Woolford)
Trace (Armstrong)
Brad (Muster)
Wendell (Davis)
Jim (Harbaugh)
Neal (Anderson)
William (Perry)
Wilber (Marshall)
Willie (Gault)
Otis (Wilson)
Walter (Duh)
Wally (Chambers)
Lionel (Antoine)
Rufus (Mayes)
Dick (don’t call me Espinoza, Butkus. Only UIC Athletics readers will get this)
Gale (Sayers)
Bulldog (Turner)
Sid (Luckman)


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One response to “One Day Left, No. One Draft Picks

  1. Mary Kay

    Thanks for linking me up? Not sure about the lingo; I enjoyed the blog. That baby is a cutie, of course, what else could you expect with his gene pool?
    Congrats again!
    Mary Kay

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