Waiting Game Q & A

Following the first SulliDad Q & A a couple of days ago, it’s back by popular demand. This time, as described by the questions, it’s billed as Waiting Game Q & A.

Question: Has SulliMom’s water broke? – Agnes H., Wauwatosa, Wis.
Answer: No, but I have covered her in saran wrap in case.

Question: What type of final preparations are you handling? – Herb C., Riverdale, NY
Answer: Well, Herb, reading my Happiest Baby on the Block reading selection and learning the 5 S’s is number on the list. I’m also checking in with the Fussy Baby Site, thanks to Holly who introduced me to the site. We dropped off the SuLiberty today and were able to get the passenger window fixed allowing for more traditional use of our duct tape. And, we’re spending our waiting time in the suburbs much closer to the site of SulliDelivery.

Question: Does a heart-thumping Blackhawks game provide any impetus for SulliMom to go into labor? – Martin B., Jersey City, NJ
Answer: Apparently not. Molly is sleeping as OT begins. And only woke up when I screamed as Hossa redeemed himself with OT winner.

Question: Are you nervous? – Richard, NW Indiana
Answer: People I talk to say it’s natural to be nervous but I would simply say I’m anxious. We can’t wait to meet SulliBaby, name him/her and start teaching the baby to walk and talk…immediately. I’m thinking Cold War era, Soviet style.

Question: If you were forced to name SulliBaby after one of the starting goalies in the Nashville-Chicago NHL Stanley Cup Playoff First Round Series, which one would go with: Antti or Pekka? – Claude H., Windsor, Ont.
Answer: Talk about brutal. I’m sure in Finland Antti is like Andy and Pekka is like Pete, but here in the USA (or Mexico) I’m saying Nadda. But, if forced to make a decision I’m going with Antti because it sounds less like Pecker.


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