A Positive Trip To IKEA

As the waiting game continued throughout this rainy Sunday, SulliParents decided the monstrosity that is IKEA would be a great place to stop.

I have a sorted past with IKEA and, in fact, IKEA products nearly caused us to call the relationship off in 2008 as an ornery dresser wielded its faulty parts at us. (We made up and got married. In fact, yesterday marked nine months proving conception did occur post-wedding and IKEA still can’t pull us apart.)

We wanted to pick-up a rocker of some sort for the nursery and we found one. I also grabbed an office chair, a ceiling light for the nursery and some bulbs. It was the greatest trip to IKEA we’ve had to date. We picked-up all of those items and spent less than 30 minutes in the Woodfield air hangar. It was a miracle. I still despise that place.

It gave me plenty of time to prep for Chicago Red Stars action at a moist Toyota Park. Tough loss for the ladies, but nothing Portillo’s chocolate cake couldn’t remedy.

A trip to the VD office is in store tomorrow. We’ll do some tests to see what SulliBaby is up to inside its condo.


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