Think About This

Here are a couple of great stories/links that will get you thinking.

Speaking of thinking, I think what I want to make sure I do as a Dad is to take time out to think once in a while. Constantly, I’m told I won’t have any extra time once SulliBaby arrives. I get that, but I want to make an effort to take a moment each day and simply think.

With that in mind, think about this stuff:

-White Sox Converted Shortstop Pitching Well
The Southsiders aren’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball in 2010, but one story that will make you feel good is that of Sergio Santos. Read this feature from the NY Times.

-Celebrate National Letter Writing Month With The Things Unsaid Project
We all have things we wish we would have said at some point. Here’s a remedy for that: The Things Unsaid Project. I can tell you I will be writing a letter. Why? Because whether it’s a regret, a missed opportunity or simply forgetting to say it, ‘it’ needs to be said. Plus, letter writing is a lost art. Make it a point to write a letter a month for the remainder of 2010. I bet you feel better and you’ll make someone’s day. I’m giving it a whirl.

-Mummy Blog Has Some Quick Tips For Me
I came across this WordPress blog by accident. I’m glad I did because it made a lot of sense to someone like me who, no matter what, will be a Dad by Friday night.


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