Liam In Pictures

I’m sure there are a lot more to come, but something to get you started sports fans…

Fresh out of the condo. A very chilly Liam with SulliMom

A very proud SulliDad with Liam.

The happy trio.

Liam with SulliDad.





5 responses to “Liam In Pictures

  1. Congratulations Sulliparents!!!!!!! Liam is absolutely adorable!

  2. kron

    Too sweet! Congrats to the trio! Can’t wait to meet him!
    Tons of love to you all!

  3. GREAT Aunt Julie

    OMG Liam is adorable. Molly looks great and Shawn looks like a proud papa! I can’t wait to meet my new great nephew!!! Please give the little Irishman a hug and kiss for me! Love, the Great Lakes

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is beautiful!! Lots of love to you guys!!

  5. Jenni

    Thanks so much for the amazing updates Shawn! So excited for you and Molly and baby Liam! Lots of love.

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