Liam Uses Google Maps To Get Home

Okay, so SulliMom and Dad drove Liam home, but it’s all about the headline, right?

Many people have expressed sourness over blog posts sans photos so, drumroll please…now, I’ve added the SulliAlbum on the blog. You can find it on the home page of SulliDad Chicago. Or, access the link here.

In addition, a few videos have been added to my YouTube page. Liam’s featured prominently. Here’s a teaser video. There are a few more, too.

It was really cool to arrive here with Molly and Liam. We’re a family. He’s been pretty good today; slept all the way home in the SuLiberty. It’s great to be home!

Thanks to our goddaughter Tess for sending Giordano’s to us tonight all the way from New York! (I guess Sarah and Tom may have helped, too.) Maybe Sarah will let me share the really funny video of Tess I saw today–it’s awesome.


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