The Mayor

Liam in the Boppy.

Liam wasted little time last night introducing us to parenthood.

What a night. Up, asleep. Up, asleep. Feeding, changing. Tiring, yet cool. Tough to describe. But, our friends the Spielman’s were right–the Itzbeen is awesome. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

But once the sun came up, Liam–The Mayor–began to meet his familial constituents. A bevy of family members came bearing gifts today and he was a well-behaved little guy. It is a neat feeling to see loved ones meet Liam. It provides a sense of pride that I haven’t felt.

Tonight, we’ve been checking out the Blackhawks, who are struggling. Although during the stirring anthem pregame, Liam was keen enough to put his hand over his chest. He’s very patriotic. Then, he watched our guy, and former UIC standout, Baggio Husidic (read the Q & A from that link, and check out the last question featuring Awesome) score his second career MLS goal for the Chicago Fire. Baggio, the same guy who requested that we name our child Thunder. I think you have to grown into a name like that. Great job Baggio.

More visitors to come tomorrow.

TYLENOL PRODUCT RECALL: Be careful friends–I read this today. At Target today, I went with the company Up and Up brands for a few items. But I did get a few funny looks as I checked out with a breast pump despite my chiseled pectorals.




2 responses to “The Mayor

  1. Katey

    Congrats Shawn and to your wife! How awesome! You are going to be a great dad! Keep the pictures coming! Liam is so cute! 🙂

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