Finding A Rhythm With Liam

I rhyme well.

We’re getting into a bit of a rhythm with the little guy. Sleep is improving, feeding is going well (knock on wood) and Grandma Stearns helped us out a ton last night, too, providing a little extra snooze time for SulliParents. I enjoyed my 2:30 – 4:15 portion of the early morning with Liam on the couch as he slept soundly while I caught up on The Good Wife and Brothers & Sisters from the good ‘ol DVR. You can’t beat a little father/son time no matter what time it is. Our only complaint is that he hasn’t taken to his cradle yet. He’ll sleep in our arms, bouncy chair and in the Boppy on my lap, but cradle sleep is lacking. We’re up for suggestions.

The Boppy has come up big for me in the first few days. I’m a big fan. Other solid products include the SwaddleMe, Liam’s Nuk (is it a little early for the pacifier? Eh, he’ll be fine. Also, any unique names your family has used for this device?) and his Graco bouncy chair, despite some questionable operation. We might take it back and swap it out.

We should be headed to the kid-doctor today for a little check-in. A bath is on tap for Liam this morning and if the doctor says it’s fine maybe a little walk outside in the City Mini. Next weekend, maybe we’ll check out National Train Day!

Pretty good lookin' guys, I'd say. Unbiased, of course. Ladies, prom 2027 is right around the corner!




3 responses to “Finding A Rhythm With Liam

  1. Kari Steiger

    What a great picture!!! Liam is really cute! To try to get Liam sleeping in his cradle, have you tried placing him in there after he has been asleep for a while? That is what we did with Marissa. After she fell asleep, we would hold her for an extra 15 minutes or so until she was really out. We started giving her a pacifier at 10 days old. She still loves her original pacifiers to this day. (We just call it a pacifier). Also, I don’t know how many SwaddleMe’s you have, but I loved the Halo Sleep Sack w/ the newborn swaddler on it. Hope you are enjoying fatherhood!!!

  2. SS

    We have, but maybe we should wait just a touch longer. Do you know if the Sleep Sack comes in something other than fleece? That’s all we saw at Buy Buy Baby. I may have to do some research. Thanks Kari. Say hello to your family.

  3. Kari Steiger

    Yep, it comes in regular or organic cotton. I used a long sleeve fleece from Carters once it was winter. I’ve never been to Buy Buy Baby, but I know I got mine at Babies R Us. I will pass along the message to my family.

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