Doctor’s Orders

This document was posted at work last week when Liam arrived. Thanks Wanda!

Today featured our inaugural visit to the pediatrician. It was a success. Liam is back to his birth weight, increased a half inch and remains ridiculously good looking.

He was a champ last night–sleeping very well in his bouncy chair. One, uninterrupted four hour stretch and another three hour segment provided SulliParents a pretty good night. Thanks for all the suggestions via blog, Facebook and text! It looks like a swing could be in the works and Craigslist might be an outlet for purchase.

And then, as great as he slept last night, he was just as sour earlier this evening. It seemed nothing we did could calm him. But after about 40 minutes or so of chapped tail, he simply belched up a little milk and then he was fine. I think what I’m learning is that there are going to be times when there are no answers, solutions or methods to fix things. We keep learning. It’s like an internship at the “How to take care of a human” school.

It was Sullivan Family day in University Village. My sister, Kelly, and her guy Nick visited, bought lunch and brought more gifts. Then, this evening K3-SulliGrandma came up with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue and a quick cameo from Aunt Emily and Ted. Of course, more gifts arrived with their arrival.

Tomorrow, the Stearns family returns and I can’t wait to see our niece, Tess, and see how she interacts with Liam. Tess is nearing 19 months old and will be arriving straight from Midway. Plus, it will be nice to learn a few tips from my sister-in-law and the mother of Tess, Sarah, who just went through this with her daughter and is expecting number two in August.

Lastly, I think I have a good idea of what I want to get SulliMom for Mother’s Day, but I’d love to hear some ideas from mothers who have enjoyed this holiday in case I can use the idea during future Mother’s Day activity. Please e-mail your suggestions to




7 responses to “Doctor’s Orders

  1. I’m pretty sure that my first mother’s day, all I wanted was a long nap 🙂 Need more pictures too, by the way….

  2. Kari Steiger

    I wanted to recommend a swing for you. I noticed you have the Graco carseat. They make a swing frame that your carseat snaps on to. I got Marissa’s at Babies R Us (I cannot find it on their website, but I don’t think I ever could — I got it in the car seat aisle). It has been a lifesaver! Marissa always fell asleep in the car and we could just carry her infant carrier in and place her in it and she’d stay asleep! Marissa still naps in it to this day (at 13 months…lol — I definitely got my $’s worth!). It is much less than a normal swing and it folds up so it’s perfect to take somewhere. I think it was $50 at Babies R Us. Here is the link from Graco so you know what it looks like:
    Hope this helps!!!!

  3. The swing was the best investment (gift actually) we got! Don’t skimp on this purchase…and get a Fisher Price or Baby Papazon (sp) one as the swing goes both ways and when Liam gets older this will be key. It was a SAD day in this household when the swing and bounceroo had to be put away! 🙂 And there you have it…my opinoinated self! 🙂

  4. Erin Groth

    Letting your wife sleep in could be THE BEST Mother’s Day gift EVER! 🙂
    Glad everyone is doing well!

  5. SS

    All of the thoughts and suggestions are great; I appreciate it. I think we’ll take the wait and see approach. If the little guy continues to be okay, we’ll stick with what we have. But if things get dicey, I’ll be consulting these posts, texts and FB messages right away. Thanks again!

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