What Would Your Child’s Ringtone Be?

Imagine for a moment that your child–under, let’s say, eight years old–had a cell phone.

To what tune would you set their ringtone when they called?

I’ve known Liam for just over a week now. I can’t think of the perfect song, but I think something with varying tempo would work. The song that comes to mind is Zombie Nation (classic video link). But Liam typically has a very serious face. So maybe the jingle for ABC News would work.

Liam peeing all over his Dad. Cripes.

Maybe I should find a song about urine control. As he slept on my chest today (see photo) the little guy decided to unleash through his diaper onto my commemorative Jay DeMerit T-Shirt. Because he was comfy, I remained there for about an hour with a very damp shirt. He woke up, looked at me and smirked. He was then grounded.

GOOD SPORT OR BAD DECISION? Have you seen the story about the local collegiate golfer who took a double-bogey on purpose to allow a competitor to advance to the national tournament? The beneficiary of this move is a student at Olivet Nazarene in Bourbonnais near my hometown and it has become a national story. Take a read and place your vote.


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