It’s All Fun & Games Until Pee Cascades Toward You

I had heard the stories.

Baby pees on Dad while changing diaper. It’s chilly while baby is naked; baby pees on Dad. I was told, Fasten the diaper quickly so you don’t get soiled.

Liam allowed those warnings to become reality today. And they’re right, it really does look like a little fountain surging straight into the air (about 18 inches of air) while spraying an innocent father, the freshly cleaned onesie and even Liam’s face (ouch)! I need to act quicker next time. The learning curve continues.

GOOD STUFF FROM UIC ATHLETICS: Check out the softball story here and read about the St. Ann Elementary event here.




2 responses to “It’s All Fun & Games Until Pee Cascades Toward You

  1. Sam

    If you are realyl concerned, you can get this thing called a pee-pee tee-pee that you put over him while you change him. But I think it would be kinda gross to have a peed on cone with me at all times.

    I have come to terms with being doomed because my kid peed during the ultrsound. And by the looks of things, he could have launched the pee across the room.

    Good luck. It was the first but won’t be the last.

  2. SS

    I’ve heard of the tee-pee, but have never actually seen one. I need to check it out.

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