Liam Gets His Good Looks From…

Who does Liam look more like: SulliDad or SulliMom?

Either way is fine with me. If you ask either of us, we’d both modestly tell you we are ridiculously good looking and awesome.

DIAPER UPDATE: We did a little price comparison on the Pampers diapers (thanks for the tip on Meredith). We compared Buy Buy Baby, where Molly stopped today to pick-up an 84-pack, and I think in the long run will save us money if we purchase in bulk and we’ll be able to provide extra discounts to our pals the Spielman’s who referred us to the site. Don’t worry friends, I’ll be sure to let you know our account name so we can reap the benefits of referral, too.

PLETHORA OF GIFTS: We, er Liam, have received a ton of gifts from our friends and family. We are blessed to say the least. Among the gifts doled out today, two of them make for a cool photo and an opportunity to give a shout-out. At UIC, I am lucky to work with Bob and Darla who run the local Quiznos. They are a pleasure to work with, their service is great and more importantly, they’re simply good people. They went out of their way to provide Liam with some Quiznos gear (check the photo) and bath toys. Very cool. Don’t forget to grab a toasty sub the next time you’re in our neighborhood.

Liam's new Q-Wear and Partizan bib.

Our new soccer coach at UIC, Sean Phillips, recently returned from a recruiting voyage to Serbia. He brought back a bib (check photo) for Liam touting Serbian soccer club, Partizan. He did this with the intent to stir up controversy among the Serbia natives who have played/play at UIC. Most, as I understand it, root for Red Star Belgrade–a big rival. This could create a windfall of Red Star gear and arguments in a language I don’t understand. Stay tuned. And, thanks Sean. (oh, if you have youngsters who like soccer, check out the UIC Soccer Camp.)




2 responses to “Liam Gets His Good Looks From…

  1. Just be careful buying diapers in bulk as they grow through the newborn sizes pretty quick. Just when you stockpile in one size, you realize he’s moved up to the next. Before you know it, he’ll be wearing size 5 and picking out what elmo character he wants on his big-boy pants in Target and you’ll know diaper days are limited 🙂

  2. SS

    Good point Aimee. As I’ve talked about, I’m truly trying to record each day in my mind to try and slow down time. Good luck, me.

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