Liam Texts LeBron James

Since every other sports media member has overblown the LeBron James factor in Cleveland’s 4-2 series loss to the Boston Celtics, Liam wanted to enter the fray and reach out to invite #23, Part II to the Chicago Bulls via text message.

Liam's texting LeBron with his eyes closed! Here's what he sent: WORD LBJ 🙂 NEW 23 2 CHI? CU AT UC

Why do I want LeBron to play for the Bulls? Because my childhood revolved around an iconic talent in Michael Jordan and it was awesome. To be able to watch a player like LeBron in your hometown potentially lead your team to a title, do things other humans can only pray to do and simply win, is priceless. (DISCLAIMER-If you click on that link it has adult language, but very funny. Priceless, as you’ll see. I guess if I’m a parent I’m supposed to grow up now. Not yet. How long does stuff stay on the Internet?)

Unfortunately for Liam, LeBron is never going to be in the same sentence as MJ. Regardless, it would provide a lot of irreplaceable memories I have to think.

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