Unacceptable TV News

Following an afternoon field trip to Lincoln Park, a report was confirmed that NBC is dropping the original Law & Order franchise from its primetime schedule.

Say it ain’t so Peacock. It will be interesting to see if Liam will grow up and remember his Dad watching Law & Order religiously just like I remember my parents watching classic cop shows Cagney and Lacey and Hill Street Blues. (Fun Fact – Did you know that we live two blocks from the police station used for the TV series? It is now home to the UIC Police. Check the link for footage.)

Although not my favorite L & O franchise–Special Victims Unit tops my list–the original initiated me into this classic series. Jerry Orbach was the actor who really epitomized the police drama in this era. There is talk about a new series beginning, Law & Order: Los Angeles. Where’s the Windy City edition, Dick Wolf?

Back to Lincoln Park. Land of Nod was the destination and SulliMom finally picked out her very own diaper bag. She went with a Skip Hop selection–fine choice. It’s no Diaper Dude, but a close second.

After the Land of Nod stop we stopped by The Container Store. It might be the greatest store. Ever. I’m a sucker for storage containers, office stuff and paper products. I guess we should have purchased the My Dad Is A Geek onesie we saw at Land of Nod.



2 responses to “Unacceptable TV News

  1. I did not know this news and I am sooo upset! I heart Dick Wolf and all of his Law and Order greatness. I actually remember MY dad watching the original growing up! I think the LA version will be a flop…and you can’t have a spin off in the Windy City…Good Wife stole that for ya! Not a bad comprimise if you ask me though!
    Side note: Love your choice Molly on the diaper bag! Hope Liam lets Sullimom and Sullidad sleep a bit this weekend!

  2. steph

    I was crushed about L&O too, but disagree completely about SVU being the best. I of course watch it, but find that it gets way too dramatic when Elliott and Olivia overact. Tell Sullimom hi and that I miss Liam already!!

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